Colombian FNC Women

Colombian FNC Women

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Asociación de Mujeres Caficultoras del Departamento del Cauca (AMUCC) is a association of women focused on gender equality, located in the department of Cauca. AMUCC includes 274 women, each one the head of their household, respresenting the municipalities of Balboa, Cajibio, Caldono, El Tambo, Florencia, La sierra, La Vega, Morales, Piendamo, Popayan, and Timbio. 15% of these members are indigenous people and the average age of members is 40 years old.


It’s an excited and conscientious group of women producers who came together with the goal of finding new markets for their coffees and creating strategic alliances to improve social conditions for their members and communities. Further, they strive to increase their productivity and competitiveness through good agricultural practices and to implement and develop projects with sustainable approaches.


Association members cultivate Caturra, Colombia, Típica and Castillo between 1,500-1,800 masl. For this Excelso EP, after the harvest, cherries are pulped in a machine pulper and fermented for 18 to 24 hours. Then, beans are washed, wet milled and dried on patios for approximately 15 days. Finally, the beans are dried for a short time in a mechanical dryer, to ensure consistency.


Cupping notes: Citrus, caramel and milk chocolate; bright acidity, creamy body.




Growing Altitude


Arabica Variety

Caturra, Colombia, Castilla, Tipica

Harvest Period


Milling Process

Washed, dried on patios and in dryers.


Citrus, guava, vanilla